November highlights

November highlights:

We had our regional volunteer meeting in Nosy be (see previous post), which included wonderful things like friends, beaches, friends on beaches, eating delicious seafood with friends on beaches, etc.

On the morning of November 7th I had to bike back to my village for a meeting before the election results were in. I thought I wasn’t going to know who the next president was going to be until I came back into town, but that night I got a bush-taxi note with the words “OBAMA WON!!” sent from a friend in Ambanja, hand carried by the taxi driver, passed off to a friend in my village, then delivered to my door.

Looking forward to seeing my family for Christmas and New Years! I actually have a countdown going (34 days until my vacation starts, 40 until I meet up with mom, dad, Greg and Katrina). I’ve been buying them voandalanas for the past month (literally translates to “fruit of the road,” but in my case mostly means souvenirs), and I may not be able to carry everything on the airplane.

Beat my personal record on my last bike ride into town (1 hour 45 minutes, 38 km with a 3-4 minute canoe ride and three very large hills). I don’t think I’ll try to beat it until rainy season ends.

Rainy season has officially started! It rains about every other evening, ranging from a few drops to complete thunder and lightning showdowns. The rainstorms cool things off a bit and give me a good excuse to curl up with a book.

November low points:

Rainy season has officially started. The clothes under my bed are starting to mold and I arrive in town after my bike ride looking as if I took a mud bath.

I wiped out pretty hard on my bike this morning (hit a patch of sand going too fast down the biggest of the three hills). No permanent damage, but my left side is pretty scraped up and my shoulder is sore and possibly sprained. Because I could have been waiting forever on the side of the road for a bush taxi, I biked for another hour after my fall.

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2 responses to “November highlights

  1. Connie DeCaro

    Dear Gabrielle,
    We are getting to miss you terribly. Wish you were here…but we are happy that you will bein Portugal with your family soon. I’m sure they will waant to
    spoil you and you will feel very indulged. A big hug from us. Connie


  2. Hi Gab, I hope your shoulder feels better soon. We are going to miss you for Thanksgiving. Even more than usual. The days will fly by and you will be in Portugal before you know it!
    Love, Aunt Martine

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