Mada fashion show

This is what I look like now, in case anyone’s forgotten. (My brother jokingly said he won’t recognize me at the airport, but the women in my town actually keep telling me that my mother won’t recognize me when we meet up next month because I’ve gotten so fat. They don’t intend it as an insult though).

Anyway, I designed and bought fabric for this dress and brought it ┬áto a seamstress for a total of $12USD each. Yes, those are bicycles. Another one has fish, and another has colorful, geometric flowers. This is not what I wear on a daily basis in my village (that would be running shorts and a knockoff Maki brand Madagascar t-shirt), but it’s fun to dress up sometimes when I’m in town or traveling.

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5 responses to “Mada fashion show

  1. Connie DeCaro

    Your Uncle Aristide says “You look cute!……and I agree.
    The few ounces you’ve added on have only made you prettier!
    Love and a hug to you from us.

  2. Mama

    You look maaavelous! Can’t wait to see you in person.

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