Recent things


My shoulder has been healing from my bike wipeout about a month ago- all my scrapes are healed but I still can’t really raise my left arm above my shoulder (also, pushups are still unsuccessful).

I finally have a fence strong enough to keep out the goats, and together with my counterpart, have planted two beds of greens and one of eggplant, and we’ve started a cacao nursery with 50 plants.

I accidentally adopted a puppy. He hid under my house after some kids were hitting him, and because I give him occasional pats, has been there ever since. I never feed him, and if my neighbors ask I tell them I’m not the owner, but I did name him Jackfruit. He’s extremely cute, but unfortunately I think he gave me fleas.

Watched knee surgery being performed in my yard. The doctor lives next door and often sees people in his house before and after hospital hours. The knee surgery may have actually just been stitching up a wound, but there was sufficient blood and screaming to draw a crowd (visiting sick people is like entertainment here- the more serious the illness, the more people will be gathered to watch). I prefer the injured patients to the feverish or vomiting ones, who often sit on my porch while waiting to be seen.

I found the first leak in my ravinala palm leaf roof, and it happens to be right over my bed, so I wake up with soggy feet when it rains during the night.

Still looking forward to seeing Mom, Dad, Greg, Katrina and Kara ( in Portugal- now less than three weeks away!

Listening to right now: “Noble Beast,” Andrew Bird

(Re)reading right now: “The World According to Garp,” John Irving

Cooking right now: pounded cassava leaves in coconut milk

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One response to “Recent things

  1. Mama

    Also looking forward to seeing you! You’ll have to get that leak fixed, or at least move your bed.

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