January highlights


January highlights

Portugal and Lisbon! Got to spend the first week of January with my wonderful family, cooking and eating together and sightseeing around two awesome cities.

It’s pineapple season! Large pineapples for equivalent of 50 cents USD, smaller ones down to 15 cents.

The greeting I received when I returned to my site from vacation was so enthusiastic, and made me feel excited to get back into a routine in my village.

Planning lots of good things for the next few months! Coming up soon: Women’s day celebrations, Malaria day events, girls leadership camp, and hopefully some traveling in the region as well.

Started running again. Not super easy after 10 months off, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it again soon. I didn’t run at site when I arrived because I thought it would be too strange for people to see me do- no one exercises by choice here. I anticipated endless teasing and refrains of “what are you running from?” but the reaction was better than I anticipated, mostly people just ask me “you doing sports?” There’s about a half hour window between when it starts to get light out until it gets too hot to move, so I take advantage of that and wake up at 4:45 on alternate days.

January low points

Left my family for another 8 months or so (until mom and dad come visit me here!) Not happy to leave them, needless to say.

Something small and invisible is biting the hell out of me and doesn’t care how much insect repellent I wear. I haven’t not been itchy since I got back here two weeks ago.

Rainy season still hasn’t started in full force, but my trip into town- 38km for which my PR is 1:45- now takes me at least 2:10 due to mud and puddles and a wider river for the canoe to cross during my shortcut.

Also due to rain and intense heat: my sweat never dries and my clothes grow mildew practically overnight

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2 responses to “January highlights

  1. Connie DeCaro

    Dear Gabrielle,
    Ari and I enjoyed reading your January highlights but I must admit that your experiences are unbelievable!! How do you take so much abuse? Of course,
    the knowledge that you are helping to create a new world for your new neighbors is uplifting and the challenge is rewarding. but, it must be very
    difficult very often. We loved seeing your pictures….you look truly lovely and you and your Mom are getting to look more and more like sisters.
    Be well. Take care of yourself. Keep in touch. Remember that we love you.
    Connie ane Aristde

  2. Hi Gab, I loved seeing all the pictures of you in Portugal. I could almost taste the pastry. I love your short hair. I just had a ten day visit from one of our Brazilian cousins-Daniela. She is 22 years old and in medical school. She was very impressed with your undertaking and says you have great courage. I’m sure you will meet soon and be great friends. We are having a major cold spell. BRRRRR-in the teens. We miss you and love you.
    Aunt Martine and Andrew

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