February highlights


(This photo is a crocodile caught in the next town over. Apparently it killed a girl who was planting rice on the bank, so the town hunted it down and ate it. I didn’t see it in person, someone gave me this picture)

February highlights

Started a garden at a friend’s site in collaboration with the health facility there. Also, the women’s group garden in my town is now producing greens, eggplant, and corn.

Biked back and forth lots this month (last week I biked to town in the morning and home in the evening, 5 hours riding total)

Spent some quality time with my community cooked breadfruit, got my hair braided (no photos, it looked very silly), attended a (very late) new years party for the teachers in town.

Received a valentine’s day package from mom, full of chocolate and love

February low points

Got the leak in my roof repaired and it was even worse than before. However, I have now rearranged my room so that it doesn’t drip onto my bed.

There was a chicken┬áthief┬áthat tried to steal my neighbor’s chickens one night, so there was a big commotion and a hunt to find the culprit, and we all waited outside at 1AM for a while until everyone decided to go back to sleep.

Because there’s more rain now and the road is so muddy, it’s hard to get food out to where I live. Eggs are a thing of the past, and the only vegetables I can find on a regular basis are onions and tomatoes. Try making three interesting and nutritious meals per day out of onions and tomatoes.

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