One-year reflections


(This unrelated photo is what happens when the kids play with my camera unattended: model shots in front of the broken-down house next door)

March 1st last year I arrived in Madagascar! Maybe eventually I’ll post some more reflective thoughts on the past year, but for now here is my first year in Madagascar by the numbers:

Kilometers biked: 2154

Books read: 67 (9 of which were re-reads)

Mail received: 42 letters (19 from mom)/25 packages (14 from mom), from 15 different senders total

Cities visited: Antananarivo, Mantasoa, Ambanja, Tamatave, Andasibe, Foulpointe, Fenereve-est, Ambilobe, Djangoa, Diego Suarez

Hours spent in taxi-brousses: 116

Celebrations attended: easter, vingt-six juin (Malagasy independence day), wedding, circumcision, funeral, celebration of the local royalty, celebration asking for luck

Babies delivered: 4

Rats killed: 2 by broomstick, 2 by poison (or more, hopefully)

Crops harvested: Rice, cacao, coffee, pepper, vanilla, cassava leaves, squash leaves

New foods tried: pounded cassava leaves, jackfruit, breadfruit, litchi, persimmon, chayote, soursop, bat, cicadas, liver

Can’t wait to see what the next year has in store!

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3 responses to “One-year reflections

  1. Danon

    Unfortunately, there is no “Like” button under the photo: “Gasy ka Manja”
    I prefer looking at this than any Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions.

  2. Jamie

    What a great recap Gabs!! I can’t believe you kept track of all the time on buses, but can’t wait to see what next year brings as well!!!

  3. Martine Mandracchia

    Keep up the good work,Gabby. They are lucky to have you!!!

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