November Highlights



November highlights

Regional volunteer meeting in Diego Suarez at the beginning of the month included a pool day, Halloween shenanigans, cooking a fried chicken dinner, and a field trip to Amber Mountain National Park, where we hiked in the mist and saw the smallest micro-chameleon in the world.

4000km biked since I moved to my village last June!

Mangos, pineapples, and litchis are all simultaneously abundant

Thanksgiving in the Black Hole- lots of watching Project Runway, washing dishes in Leslie’s bathroom sink, playing drinking games with the French volunteers, and checking out a new region and visiting friends in their own towns and villages

Making Christmas and New Years plans!

November lows

Rainy season means some relief from the heat, but it also means more flies, mosquitos, and general itchiness. Also, things are so humid nothing ever dries (EVER).

Two friends left the area- One British friend who worked for an NGO in Ambanja went home because her contract ended. Another friend’s house got broken into so he’ll move to Diego, which is close by but not quite as accessible.

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  1. Sounds interesting, how small was the micro Chameleon?

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